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So many settings are struggling to access EP support and struggling with funding but so desperately are looking for support and advice about how best to support children with complex educational needs, and how to implement strategies and interventions in complicated school systems.

Our Community is a safe space for you to:

- Ask for advice if you're not sure what is going on for a child or you're feeling stuck about how to support a child in your setting.

- Share ideas, practice and resources with other practitioners.


"The opportunity to speak to someone outside of the organisation who does not know the people in it and therefore has no bias. The advice therefore feels genuinely there to help. I felt like I had been 'counselled' positively to make a difference. I also felt open to listening because of the nature of the relationship."

- Amanda, SENCo


Do you want to develop your holistic assessment skills?

Are you feeling stuck, not sure how to support a child in your setting?

Are you looking for comprehensive EP support and advice that allows you to develop your practice over time?

Choose whichever option works for you.

Online Training Course

£10 per month

Unlimited access

Join this online course and it will take you step-by-step through a systematic, holistic assessment method which will help you understand the strengths and needs of your children and maximise change by implementing systemic intervention plans that focus on environmental factors as well as within-child factors.

You can work through the content at your own pace and at a time that suits you.

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EP Consultation


per session

Book a one-off session with an Educational Psychologist to get some advice, think through your next steps and create a plan.

Book a session

Full package


When you purchase this option you get:

3 months access to the online training course.

13 sessions with an Educational Psychologist.

Priority booking, so you can reserve the slots that suit you.

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Are you a group of SENCos or a multi-academy trust?

If you are a group of SENCos from one setting or a multi-academy trust I can offer a bespoke package to accommodate your needs.

Book a call to discuss your options.


Book a call

"I now have a plan. Can see that the course should compliment my workload rather than increase it."

- Vicky, SENCo

Who do we work with?


We work with school staff who are looking to further understand the strengths and needs of pupils they support, and enhance the support they currently offer. 

We work with school staff who want to receive regular support, with opportunities for weekly check-in's to discuss e.g. children's progress, why an intervention might not be going as planned, brainstorm together about systemic issues that are acting as barriers and plan ways to overcome these.

We do not provide critical incident response. I would signpost you to your local authority EP service if this is the type of support you need. 

"The opportunity to discuss a situation in detail and explore multiple solutions."

- Emma, SENCo

Not sure which option?

Leave your name and email and we will be in touch to discuss your options further.


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