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Accessible Educational Psychology support and advice for school staff. Helping understand SEN and implement bespoke intervention plans for children with SEN through training and consultation.

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What are the benefits?

More accurate understanding of childrens’ strengths and needs, leading to bespoke and effective support.

Better outcomes for children

Develop your skills so you can identify solutions faster and intervene earlier to support the growing number of children with SEN.

Accessible EP training, support and advice


Delivery of effective SEN support in line with the Code of Practice, and provide evidence of your support where an EHCP may be needed.

Supports the Plan Do Review framework

Who is this for?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works?

Do you want help understanding children with complex needs so that you can find the right solutions faster?

Does your school want to improve outcomes for your children with SEN?

Are you fed up of waiting for support and advice?

Do you feel isolated in your role?

Do you want ongoing support for very complex students?

Do you have shrinking budgets, staff shortages, growing SEMH needs and higher numbers of SEN?

Do you want more access and availability to EP support and advice about your most vulnerable children?

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If you're not sure what option to go for, or what kind of support would best suit you.

Or perhaps you have a question about cost.

Or maybe you are looking for a bespoke package for your setting.

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